Disaster Recovery

If you've experienced hard disk failure or you've recently dropped your laptop then it’s likely you’ll need to recover the data that was stored on it. Maybe your machine has been infected by a virus or you've deleted something you shouldn't have!

Our data recovery service uses the latest technology to extract your important information from even the most corrupt PC as long as the disk is still physically intact. We can recover data from nearly any hard drive; maybe you've deleted all the items in your recycle bin and realised you need something. Even if you've formatted your drive and re-installed windows on the drive, we may still be able to save some or all of your data for you. 

The recovered data can be transferred to a new hard drive, removable media or replacement computer. Prices start at only £50.00 for data recovery. If we cannot recover any of your data - there is NO CHARGE for this service, so what have you got to lose?