Wireless Cameras

Wireless IP cameraFor many, security and surveillance have become a necessity. Cameras are found around businesses, on street corners, public buildings and more and more, private homes. Visual monitoring brings peace of mind, whether you're looking at your baby in an upstairs cot, or keeping an eye on your business or home while you're on the other side of the world.

Going wireless with a wireless IP camera will put you on the cutting edge of security and surveillance. Wireless IP cameras have many advantages over their bulky wired counterparts that are full of numerous cable connections. Plus, you can site them wherever you want or move them to any location at any time!

With built in wireless connection, you don't have to spend time debating the logistics of reaching and routing wires to network outlets or routers. Also the lack of messy wires means easier installation. The lack of wires also make your camera a little more subtle as you don't need to worry about hiding all the wires!

Smaller Size = Stealth

Often, wireless IP cameras are smaller then their wired cousins. This makes movement and locating much simpler. The camera won’t take up much room and will be less noticeable to suspicious eyes. In other words wireless IP cameras do not look like typical wired cameras. This also means the wireless IP camera can be placed practically anywhere for recording. You can put the wireless IP camera in most any nook or cranny. This may be useful for surveillance considerations, or in the case of monitoring in your home, less obtrusive.

Check In Anywhere With Internet Access

Wireless IP cameras come equipped with wireless network adapters.This means that you can access your camera from anywhere in the world, providing you have an internet connected device such as a PC, smartphone or iPad®. So, let's say you have the baby sitter over while you're out for a meal and you want to check that you're precious ones are in bed - enter a web address in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or many other web browsers and take a look! Maybe you're on holiday and want to see if the house is OK? Again, just log in and take a look for yourself!

Other Wireless IP Camera Advantages

Record during certain times of the day, or record using motion sensing technology - all easily configurable with a wireless IP camera. Pan and tilt the camera from any location in the world, or automatically set it to 'patrol' a certain area! These cameras can also come equipped with night vision so that you can still keep an eye on things after dark!

We offer this service from just £99.99 (excluding hardware), so just get in touch with us to find out how we can provide you with peace of mind for all your monitoring and surveillance needs.