Web Filtering

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Most parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on their computers or what content they're accessing when they're using their computers on their own. The same goes for those of us running businesses, but it's employees spending too much time social networking in that case! This need not be a concern as we can provide you with a service that gives you all the control you need when you're not around to watch over things.

What does it block?

Prevent users from accessing unsuitable sites and make sure they use their PCs safely, without viewing unsuitable material and protecting against phishing sites, or sites that may contain malware. View information on sites viewed and create black or white lists (never access, always access, respectively.)

What will it work on?

Our parental controls can be deployed on one or all machines in the home or business and settings can be controlled by you, anywhere in the world on any internet capable device (PC or smart phone.)

Review & Control:

View reports to see what sites have been accessed on your computer, and create blocked URL lists.

Does it need loads of software? Will it slow my PC down?

There is no software to install and if anything, this service may improve your web browsing experience. We'll set your network up so that the web sites visited on your computer(s) can be tracked and controlled. This is automatically configured using a large database of sites.

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