Wireless Security

Router with padlock If you have a wireless network at home or business, all of your important files might well be at risk - these files can be accessed, changed or deleted by unauthorised users if your network is not secured properly. Such users can easily steal your internet connection, or lock you out of your internet access completely. Unauthorised users don't need to have a thorough understanding of network security vulnerabilities to do this and it's no exaggeration to say that most teenagers would be knowlegable enough to steal an unsecured wireless internet connection if they so wished. An unsecured wireless network is just asking for trouble, so don't delay in getting your one secured.

We can easily advise you of whether or not your network is secure so feel free to get in touch and take advantage of our network security evaluation service. The service costs just £15.99 to check your network or £34.99 to secure it (see below.)

We'll visit you and have your wireless network secured quickly and efficiently, using the latest encryption available for your setup. All this from just £34.99 per router, so contact us to arrange a visit soon.

If you'd like a visit,or to find out more, why not visit out Contact page?